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Instagram Now Lets Everyone Share Links in Stories

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Instagram has announced that all users now have access to its link-sharing feature in Stories. The expansion comes as the company recently replaced the swipe-up links with the new Link Stickers in late August. Since the previous “swipe-up” link was only available to accounts that are verified or have more than 10,000 followers, Link stickers will remove the limitation for most creators on where they can share external URLs.

The company says Link stickers are helpful in many ways to accounts of all sizes and types. They will enable everyone to engage with the account, share what they want in their Stories. While in the past, link sharing has been largely used by high-profile businesses and macro-influencers, most bloggers can now use this tool to direct their viewers to a product page, read an article, sign up for a service and more.

To access the Link sticker you first need to select the sticker tool from the top navigation bar when you capture or upload content to your Story. Tap the “Link Sticker,” and then add your chosen link. Tap “Done.” From there, you can place the Link sticker just like other stickers. To see the color variations just tap on it. You can post it once you are done with the sticker’s positioning.

The social media company says the Link sticker is the first step in broadening sticker customization. While users now have an additional way to share links through their accounts, they’ll just have to tap on the Link sticker to open the webpage. Unlike the swipe-up link feature, where people swiped up on the Story to visit the URL.